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Primal Scream – Screamadelica

Ten Great British Songs For A Heatwave

It’s really hot in the UK right now. This might not sound like a big deal, especially if you’re reading this in a part of the world that is more used to scorching temperatures than snowmen and big furry boots, but over here, after a few years of rainy summers and the very, very long […]


Call Off The Shots: Girls Aloud Split Up

It must be lovely to be a rocksnob. Imagine how much time you save in your music-loving day having your decisions already made for you. Your taste predisposes you towards things with guitars, things that sound like other things with guitars that have gone before, in an eternal lineage that stretches back over the 20th […]

Have You Heard ‘Something New’ From Girls Aloud?

We love the Spice Girls as much as any Union Flag-waving Anglophile, but the girl band reunion that truly has our pulses racing is Girls Aloud‘s. A reality TV creation, they preceded One Direction by almost a decade, defied the odds, and put out stunning single after stunning single. We haven’t heard from these ladies […]

The Brit List: Five Great British Talent Show Contestants

A brief admission, so that you know my heart is pure. I don’t like TV talent shows. The part of a star’s progress during which they are taken from the unscrubbed reality of real life and thrust into (an oddly steroidal version of) the limelight is not the bit I like. Plus it’s a TV […]

News Roundup: ‘Harry Potter’ Star Arrested For Rioting

The temptation to make some crack about evil Slytherins is almost overwhelming, but we’ll push on past it to bring you the unhappy tale of Jamie Waylett, who played Draco Malfoy’s henchman Crabbe in the Harry Potter films. It seems, whether by accident or design, Jamie managed to get caught up in the London riots, […]

Girls Aloud Out Of The Running For The Olympics

You may remember a short while ago we reported on the rumor that Girls Aloud would be reforming to celebrate their 10-year anniversary as an astonishing pop group, by appearing at the opening ceremony for the 2012 Olympic Games in London. And if I remember rightly, we were a little skeptical that this would come […]

Girls Aloud For The High Jump?

Is anyone else starting to get the distinct impression that the organizers of the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympics are still stuck in the “throwing mud at the wall” stage of development? We’ve already had the rumor of a Beatles/Rolling Stones/Sex Pistols supergroup, there’s been talk of Muse or Coldplay playing; heck some optimists […]

Music Roundup: Coldplay Rejoin Brian Eno for ‘Concept’ Album

When Coldplay frontman Chris Martin visited BBC Radio 1 earlier this month, he revealed that the band’s long-awaited fifth LP could be their “last big shot”. Just two weeks ago, the band sated fans with their holiday single, “Christmas Lights”. But now it’s back to business as Coldplay are tinkering away on new material with […]

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