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Spice Girls

Zig-a-Zig-Ah! A Spice Girls Animated Movie is in the Works

Are you ready to spice up your life once more? A new Spice Girls movie is in the works at Paramount Animation. This won’t be the first movie featuring the girlband, with Spice World premiering in 1997. All five members of the iconic British pop group – Melanie Brown (Scary), Emma Bunton (Baby), Melanie Chisholm (Sporty), […]

Geri Halliwell and Christian Horner

Where Benedict Leads, Geri Halliwell Follows

Last week (November 5, to be precise), Benedict Cumberbatch took the very gentlemanly step of advertising his engagement to Sophie Hunter in an advert in the Times. He told USA Today it was simply the right thing to do in the circumstances, entirely removed from either of their public profiles: “It’s what I would have […]


Brits with Birthdays: Princess Beatrice Turns 25, and More

If fans of the British royal family and its newest member, baby Prince George, need a reminder that little royals grow up fast, they need look no further than Her Royal Highness Princess Beatrice Elizabeth Mary of York. Princess Beatrice celebrates her 25th birthday this Thursday, Aug. 8. She’s the daughter of the Duke and Duchess of York, the […]

Harry Styles

Celebrity Hook/Break-Ups of 2012

Let’s take a peek at who got together this year and others who called it quits. Harry Styles & Taylor Swift Harry Styles, 18, One Direction member, has taken a break from getting tattoos to romance Taylor Swift, 23, singer. Simon Cowell & Carmen Elektra Simon Cowell, 53, X-Factor creator, confirms dating American actress Carmen […]

Brit Spotting: Does Russell Brand Have a New Bird?

The life of a stand-up comic is rough. Long, lonely nights on the road landing you at gross dive bars. Just ask Russell Brand. Well, maybe he’s the exception. Brand finished up a gig in the lovely town of Bath, England and was then reportedly chauffeured 200 miles to meet up with a brunette bird, who […]

The Who

The Brit List: 10 Delightful Uses For A Union Flag

I’m sure I don’t need to explain this to a flag-appreciating nation such as the U.S., but it’s very, very easy to put a flag on a thing, and make it look better. Especially when your flag is a lovely bright red, streaked with crisp white, on a bed of deepest blue. There’s just something […]

The Spice Girls: What Do They Really, Really Want NOW?

Yep, here’s a family photo you possibly didn’t expect to see again (for a while at least). It’s the five Spice Girls, on the same hotel steps their viciously tall shoes treated so aggressively in for the “Wannabe” video, for the launch of their West End musical Viva Forever. The script was written by Jennifer […]

News Roundup: James McAvoy To Play Elton John?

Film biopics of musicians often follow a very similar pattern. There’s the childhood trauma, the discovery of talent, the struggling to get noticed, the fame, the drugs, the trouble that comes with success/fame/drugs, and the final redemption (and if you’re lucky, a couple of captions at the end to summarise the rest of that person’s […]

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