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Articles Tagged 'Footballers Wive$'

Footballers Wive$ Take The Catfight To The Floor…The Dance Floor

You know them from their epic catfights… Footballers Wive$ divas Zoë Lucker (Tanya) and Laila Rouass (Amber, a.k.a. Primeval‘s Sarah Page) have signed on to Strictly Come Dancing, the UK dancing competition that begot our American Dancing with the Stars. Check out the publicity shots from the show. Both ladies look great. In other news: […]

Congrats to Footballers Wive$’ Zoe Lucker (Tanya) On Her New Baby!

Footballers Wive$ star Zoe Lucker is “gushing” over her newborn baby Lily Alabama (I’m a Lucker fan so I’m not going to comment on that middle name). She tells Hello!: “The second she was born it was the most natural feeling in the world to want to love and protect her.” She’s engaged to the […]

NFL Conspiracy?: Footballers Wive$ Remake Dropped from ABC

Fans who wanted to see Xena the Warrior Princess donning Tanya Turner talons will be sorely disappointed: ABC did not pick up Football Wives, the American remake of BBC AMERICA’s Footballers Wive$. The U.S. show had Bryan Singer as its producer and a truly stellar cast – Lucy Lawless, Ving Rhames, Eddie Cibrian (seen above), […]

Say It Ain’t So: Krystle Whoops Alexis’ Ass For Real!

I grew up watching Dynasty, so reading this story is a little like being a kid and seeing your dad get beaten up by your next-door neighbor: Joan Collins and her formerco-star/rival Linda Evans were on tour together in the play Legends, a show about – get this – two “faded stars who hated each […]

When America Re-makes British TV

Which of the new American remakes of British TV series will thrive – and which are doomed to failure? Tim Goodman of The San Francisco Chronicle predicts which shows will hit or miss. For example, he is skeptical about the David E. Kelley version of Life On Mars. It has loads of potential in the […]