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Interview: Menelik Watson, A Brit Playing American Football

With the NFL season about to start, fans across the U.S.A. are gearing up for the road to the Super Bowl. Among all the razzmatazz, there will be something unusual: British players who will be pulling on a helmet and getting ready for the first down. Menelik Watson, 26, is one of a handful of […]

Singing Parrot

WATCH: England Supporter Trains His Parrot to Sing Famous Football Anthem

England fan Fran Sheridan, 42, from Worcester, England, has trained his pet parrot Slipmatt to whistle the tune to “The Great Escape” and chant, “England,” and “Come on Rooney,” at the end, reports the U.K. Express. But, now that England has been knocked out of the World Cup, the African grey parrot is just rubbing […]

The Damned United

Brit Binge Watching: Five Football Films Now Streaming Online

We’ve been gearing up for World Cup 2014, and it’s finally happening. You would think a month of soccer matches would be enough for most, but for the hardcore fans, there’s never enough. If you find yourself craving more soccer in between matches, or gasp, your team is knocked out early, these five British soccer […]


Preview: How Will England, U.S.A. Fare in Their World Cup Groups?

As far as World Cup draws go, both England and the U.S. have been dealt tough hands.  Here’s a team-by-team guide to the two nations’ groups: Group D: England, Italy, Uruguay, Costa Rica England: There is little doubt that Group D will be a tough test for England. Coach Roy Hodgson has selected a youthful, […]


World Cup 2014 Watch Guide: Why You Won’t Miss a Kick

It has often been said that “Americans don’t care about real football.” Thankfully, this assertion continues to carry less and less weight these days. NBC’s successful live coverage of every game during the 2013/14 Premier League season proved that football’s reputation is growing in the United States. Thankfully for British expat soccer fans, an even […]

Barclays Premier League 2013/14, West Bromwich Albion v Tottenha

Snapshot: 10 Foxy Football Managers Found in the U.K.

People are already getting football fever with the World Cup just around the corner, June 12 – July 13. The New York Times recently ran a full-page article in their print edition on how “soccer has emerged as the sport of the thinking class in the U.S.” Swish, swoo. We’re so classy. Well, maybe we should […]


Downs and Tight Ends: A Confused Brit’s View Of American Football

Since moving to the U.S. in 2007, I have found myself on more than a handful of occasions engaged in lively debate with American sports fans over which of our respective nations plays the better version of football. My argument is always anchored by this fact: “soccer” is by far the most popular game on […]

Rain Check

8 American Sports Idioms Brits Won’t Understand

In America the sports idiom is a popular and effective way of getting your point figuratively across without having to literally say what you mean. These everyday euphemisms are useful language tools and are often deployed without knowledge of the origin or true sporting definition. Here’s a look at some of the most common. 1. […]


Premier League Season So Far: Most Exciting in Years?

From a neutral’s perspective, this season’s Premier League is shaping up to be the most dazzlingly entertaining, beautifully unpredictable, and grossly absorbing in the division’s history.  Since the BPL’s inception a little over two decades ago, title contention has either been dominated by one team, or at its most open, run as a two-horse race. Eleven […]

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