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Fleetwood Mac

Five Christine McVie Songs Fleetwood Mac Can Now Do Properly Live

So, the big news in music this week is that Christine McVie has finally rejoined her old group Fleetwood Mac, for a world tour, and possibly for a new album too. This puts the final ingredient back into the eternally unstable stew of the band’s lineup. They will now be the band that recorded “Rumours” […]

Hofner violin bass

Six Iconic Instruments That Built British Rock

Note: these aren’t British instruments. In fact there aren’t many, if any, musical instruments that could be said to have definitely had their sole origin in the British Isles, although bagpipes come close. No, this list pays tribute to the instruments (and their amplification systems) that became iconic by being part of the British rock […]

Five Great Inventive British Guitar Heroes

Before we start: I just wanted to say that yes, there have been far more than five astonishing British guitarists in the history of rock ‘n’ roll. And we could argue all day about who they are, and whether Jimi Hendrix could beat them in a shred-off. Let’s just use these five as a launchpad […]