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Andrew Lincoln in ‘The Walking Dead’ (Pic: Gene Page/AMC)

10 Great British Actors Who’ve Nailed An American Accent

Sure, we’ve seen Americans play British, and some have done it very well, thank you. But what of the British actors who had to abandon their natural clipped and precise verbiage (or nasal and muffled, depending on where they’re from) in order to carve a new career for themselves in the U.S. of A? Many […]

Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow (Pic: Disney)

5 Words the British Got From India

English is a mongrel tongue. It’s a language that betrays influences from every modern language you could care to name and several that no one speaks any more. The British picked up these words as they set out to invade and conquer the world, sending them back home with the exotic spices, jewels, fruits and […]

Zac Efron wearing THAT tuxedo in ‘High School Musical 3: Senior Year’ (Pic: Disney)

5 Misconceptions Brits Might Have About America from the Movies

For many people, movies are the only way audiences experience a foreign culture. For anyone not fully immersed in that culture, watching the stories that are set within it can sometimes be confusing. There are so many commonly understood shorthand references that moviemakers use to capture their native audience that it’s no surprise that some […]

10th August 1942: Two ladies play whist in London, 1942 (Pic: R. J. Salmon/Fox Photos/Getty Images)

5 British Card Games You Should Learn

Warning: thanks in part to the eternal popularity of proper gambler’s games, and the rise of the tablet computer as an alternative to sitting around a table playing cards with your nearest and dearest, some of these games are not even all that common in Britain any more. But they were once—and should be again. […]

British soft drinks

Five Great British Soft Drinks That Americans Should Try

I know, you can’t imagine there could even be five flavors of soda that are not currently available on the shelves of every American store. And yet there are, and some of them are massively popular too. See how many you can find in your town. Let’s start with the elephant in the room. Or, […]


Should America Adopt the Metric System? A Brit’s Take

This is not going to put to bed any age old arguments about the slow erosion of cultural identity that comes with abandoning the old ways and taking on newfangled ideas. Those arguments will rumble on anyway, simply because—as with the various different formats for listening to music—there’s no answer that will please everyone all […]

Bottle Kicking

Five British Easter Traditions That Will Surprise Americans

Tradition is the simple matter of doing something once because it’s the right thing to do, and then doing it again (and again) for no good reason at all. And traditions that have withstood the warping effects of hundreds of passing years are even harder to explain than those with a clear mandate from the […]

Mint, a Herb with a capital H.

Five Phrases, Five Tiny Differences

Given that the idea of a uniform spelling for any word you’d care to name has only been in existence for a fraction of the time that written language has, you’d think people would make less fuss about tiny regional variations in spelling. Especially when those regions are separated by a huge ocean. Nevertheless, some […]

A girl with the lurgy

10 British Words for Illness

As befits a nation that is often blessed with inclement weather, the Brits have a fine array of slang terms for feeling unwell. The ones listed here are only those that don’t appear to have travelled too well across the globe, leaving aside such firm favorites as, well, under the weather.  The first and most […]

Top Cat

Five Common Things That Are Branded Slightly Differently In Britain

When it comes to calling a thing a name, some work better than others, depending on where you are. Here are five examples of successful brands—or generic names for branded items—that only work on one side of the Atlantic. Clue The Brits do love a pun. Leeds solicitor’s clerk Anthony E. Pratt originally designed the […]

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