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James McAvoy in ‘Filth’

WATCH: James McAvoy Is Appalling In A Longer Trailer For ‘Filth’

Back in April, we brought you the early teaser trailer for James McAvoy’s new movie Filth, in which he plays a degenerate and bi-polar Scottish policeman with some very bad habits. So bad, in fact, that even that one-minute-long teaser is NSFW. And now there’s a longer, equally red-band version, which seeks to illustrate a few more […]

James McAvoy

WATCH: ‘Filth’ Trailer Starring James McAvoy

The makers of Jame McAvoy’s new film were spot on in calling it Filth. The trailer is pretty naughty for lack of a better word and may fall under NSFW. McAvoy plays Bruce Robertson who is described as a “pervert,” “alcoholic,” “rude,” … and “cop.” Hmm. We meet Robertson sitting across from a therapist asking […]