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Articles Tagged 'Film Review'

Pattinson Trades Vampires for Elephants – Will Twihards Follow?

Robert Pattinson — whose latest non-Twilight movie, Water for Elephants, opens today — should consider asking Leonardo DiCaprio for career advice. R-Patz’s problem? What’s a good-looking, sleepy-eyed young male star, one with actual acting ambitions and some talent, to do when he’s become the object of lust for fervent teenage girls worldwide who want only […]

Leah Rozen Film Review: Mike Leigh’s ‘Another Year’

Like a miner with an instinct for finding the richest vein, British director-writer Mike Leigh digs through the quotidian details and routines of ordinary existence to turn up treasure. In his terrific latest film, Another Year, the filmmaker behind Secrets & Lies, Vera Drake, and Happy-Go-Lucky again finds drama, heartache and happiness in the seemingly […]

Leah Rozen Review: ‘The King’s Speech’

Anglophenia is excited to welcome renowned movie critic Leah Rozen to cover our weekly film beat. Rozen was the movie critic at People magazine for 13 years, until she decided that seeing six to eight movies weekly was cruel and unusual punishment. She now reviews one movie a week for and writes for the […]