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Premiere Of STX’s “Poms” – Arrivals

An American Abroad: 8 Expat Films That Scratch the Itch to Travel

Diane Keaton stars in IFC Films’ family drama Hampstead, releasing today (June 14). Keaton plays an American woman living in London, who lost her husband a year ago. She’s “mum” to her grown son, Philip (James Norton). Her life gets a refreshing jolt of energy when meeting an Irish man (Brendan Gleeson) living in  shed […]


Where to Live in America: 10 Things for Brits to Consider

Possibly the biggest single decision an expat has to make is where to live. Even once you have picked your country – and that is often chosen for you by family, work or other circumstances outside your control – the real work begins, especially with a country as large and diverse as the U.S. There […]