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Articles Tagged 'Etiquette'

Personality Quiz: How ‘American’ Are You in Restaurants?

As an expat living in the U.S., you can either get with local dining culture or stick rigidly to your British ideas about restaurant etiquette. Find out how well you’ve adapted to eating out American style with our scientifically accurate quiz. See more: Editorial: Is Tipping in America Excessive? An Englishman’s Take Tipping in America: […]


10 Famous Types of Rich People in Britain and America

Wealthy folk in the U.S. and back home in Blighty are a complicated bunch with a rich history and, no doubt, a loaded future. To help distinguish the old money from the new and the stinking rich from the merely whiffy, we’ve broken it down for you. BRITAIN 1. Landed gentry and aristocracy Who are […]


Queuing and Keeping Right: How to Navigate America

Although it’s not quite as rigid as keeping to the right on the London Underground, and you won’t provoke the same rage if you err, there actually is a loose system when walking around in the U.S. On streets, stairs and hallways you’ll find Americans typically approach you on your left. Even when the sidewalk […]

Awkward Elevator Ride

5 Clues That You’re Becoming Americanized, Brits

Brits may claim that their accents haven’t changed, mine hasn’t after more than twenty years here (see what I mean?) but there’s no doubt that, after a while, Americanisms seep in all the same. From the ever-so-slight rhotic R to the “Have a nice day”, we all succumb to some degree. 1. Talking at a […]

Table Setting

Manners Maketh Man: If We Could Only Agree on ‘Manners’

As Brits in the U.S. very quickly discover, not only are there many differences between American and British English, but customs and etiquette “rules” can also deliver a few curve balls. My most common example of an etiquette difference is when Americans refer to someone as “he” or “she” and that person is standing right […]