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5 Words Anglophiles Should Really Use More Often

Lancaster University and Cambridge University Press are currently surveying the way the English language is changing as it leaves the mouths of British people, for the Spoken British National Corpus 2014. It’s a way of keeping track on the sort of words that have recently become more prominent in everyday conversation—iPhone, tweeting, twerk—and those which […]

Lady in an elevator

Five Tiny U.S. Phrases With Opposite Meanings In The U.K.

Two nations sharing a common language will always come up with regional variations in how they choose to express themselves, but some expressions appear to be trying to cause trouble, albeit in a really innocuous way. Why else would simple words doggedly take opposite meanings, depending on where they are used? Why else would you […]

Mint, a Herb with a capital H.

Five Phrases, Five Tiny Differences

Given that the idea of a uniform spelling for any word you’d care to name has only been in existence for a fraction of the time that written language has, you’d think people would make less fuss about tiny regional variations in spelling. Especially when those regions are separated by a huge ocean. Nevertheless, some […]


WATCH: Dame Judi is Most Definitely ‘Dench’

It’s not enough that Judi Dench is one of Britain’s leading actresses, or that she’s won gazillions of screen and stage awards, or that she’s been knighted. Her brilliance is now being etched into the English language itself. “Dench” is now a widely used British slang term with a meaning close to that of street […]


10 Commonly Misused Expressions From British English

Language is a liquid constant. Its only job is to communicate and, really, so long as it does this reasonably efficaciously, none of us have any reason to complain about the rights and wrongs of other people’s communication. I mean, so long as I get what you mean when you say “pacifically how many people […]

Technology 2 – English Language O

Apple has heavily touted its iPhone 4S’s new voice recognition feature known as Siri, which is supposed to understand what you say to it and actually answer back using words. Much has been made of how it can handle a wide range of accents – English dialects from London to Sydney. But it’s having lots […]