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Articles Tagged 'Eminem'

Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling in hilarious interview.

The 10 All-Time Funniest Celebrity Interviews

Celebrity interviews are a tricky affair. The stars involved are often midway through a lengthy promotional tour, a long way from home, and not in the mood for laughs or wacky gimmicks, which can lead to some famously tetchy encounters. So it was with considerable relief last week when we saw this hilarious interview with Harrison Ford and […]

Bruce Springsteen In Concert – New York, New York

5 Fatherly Rock Stars Who Give Great Advice

Although rock and pop stars are supposed to be wild-living, devil-may-care gadabouts with no sense of social responsibility, leaving a trail of broken bottles and broken-hearted conquests in their wake, the kind of lives that even the most raucous stars lead can point in the vague direction of wisdom. Sometimes… And that wisdom can be […]

Merch (Photos: YouTube/Tumblr/Pinterest/Artist websites)

10 of the Weirdest Items of Band Merchandise

When it comes to merch, there’s no such thing as too weird. Any item, no matter how tenuously connected to the music, lifestyle or performers, can be badged up with an artist’s logo and sold from a table at gigs. But some artists go the extra mile, really putting their creative energy behind such items […]

Daniel Radcliffe (Pic: Vivien Killilea/Getty Images)

WATCH: Daniel Radcliffe Raps ‘The Real Slim Shady’

This is proof, if proof were needed, that Daniel Radcliffe does not save his rapping talents for key moments on TV chat shows. He actually goes out, with his girlfriend Erin Darke, to sharpen his flow at karaoke nights. Their song of choice? Eminem’s mountainous snark-bomb “The Real Slim Shady,” and thankfully footage has emerged […]

Adele Breaks All US Download Records

Wow, when you lot go mad for a British music artist, you don’t mess about, do you? Adele’s album “21” has been officially named the biggest selling digital album in US chart history with sales in excess of 1 million copies. The previous record holder was Eminem, whose album “Recovery” has so far sold 1,001,000 […]

No Sex Please, We’re Coldplay Fans

*Rubs hands together* Oh here we go! There is nothing more fun that a survey which takes two pieces of unrelated information about people, runs them through a number-crunching logarithm and extrapolates a fun theory from the results. Actually, there are probably LOTS of things which are more fun than that, but bear with us […]