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Articles Tagged 'Eddie Murphy'

Eddie Murphy Threatens To Sue Melanie Brown For Defamation

Eddie Murphy plans to sue Melanie Brown for”defamation” and “extortion.” His lawyer fired off a harshly-worded letter to Mel B., stating, “Youhave been engaging in a pattern of disseminating disparaging, negative and defamatory statements aboutMr. Murphy, portraying him in a false and outrageous light in order to pressure Mr Murphy tocapitulate to your highly unreasonable […]

Set Your DVRs: Melanie Brown Slotted For Tonight’s Larry King

As if she hasn’t done enough embarrassing publicity about her paternity battle with Eddie Murphy, Melanie Brown will take her case to Larry King Live tonight. Her lawyer, Gloria Allred, will be in tow. Seriously, Girlfriend is making Heather Mills seem camera-shy.(OK!) Geri Haliwell looks F-I-T as she holidays in St. Tropez. Cute in the […]

If Eddie Murphy Won’t Play Nice, Mel B. Will Play Nasty

If you thought the DNA results would signal the end to this tawdry tale, think again: Spice Girl Melanie Brown has been seen out-and-about with high-powered LA attorney Gloria Allred, and rumors abound of a major paternity suit against ex-lover Eddie Murphy. Brown has also taken the offensive in the press, combating Murphy’s charge that […]

Mel B. Names Daughter Angel Iris Murphy Brown

Here I was thinking she was just a big Candice Bergen fan: Melanie Brown a.k.a. Scary Spice has issued a statement concerning her baby’s name, according to the BBC: “Angel, as she was my little angel through my pregnancy. “Iris, as it’s my grandma’s name. Murphy, because he’s the dad. And Brown, because I’m the […]