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Gemma Arterton at the Into Film Awards at BFI Southbank on March 13, 2018 in London, England.

Casting News: Gemma Arterton to Play Dusty Springfield in New Biopic

British soul singer Dusty Springfield is getting the biopic treatment, with Gemma Arterton attached to star. Variety reports the Their Finest star will play Dusty in So Much Love, the directorial debut of Carol screenwriter Phyllis Nagy. Gemma’s clearly excited about her casting. “I have been an admirer of Dusty Springfield since I was a teenager,” she told […]

Dusty Springfield (Pic: Frank Martin/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

5 Great British Soul Divas

Diva has shifted in meaning from a term to describe a female opera singer to a term that means both “woman who is really good at singing” and “woman who is something of a handful personally.” So it’s probably worth pointing out that the British soul divas in this list are definitely the former. They […]

Five Great British Rock Stars In Horrendous TV Commercials

It seems British celebrities are not quite as reserved as they may have you believe, especially when faced with a massive wad of notes. 1: David Bowie Drinks David Bowie’s Bottle Of Water, Bought By David Bowie, For David Bowie “Oh COME ON!” shrieks David Bowie, “I wrote ‘David Bowie’ on it, so everyone, including […]

Music Roundup: Are the Libertines Are Over?

In the new issue of NME, Carl Barat reveals that the future of The Libertines isn’t looking too bright. Barat tells the magazine that while he and longtime bandmate Pete Doherty are in touch via sporadic phone calls, they are far from being on the same page. And the fact that Doherty was a no-show […]

Who Were The Female British Invaders?

In our new music section, Tunes from the Thames, we list the top 10 greatest British Invasion artists. There, you’ll find The Beatles, The Stones, and other towering icons of music. Surely, British bands defined the 1960s, but the British Invasion wasn’t merely a sausage festival of Lennons and McCartneys and Jaggers. Female singers contributed […]

What Have We Done to Deserve This?: Nicole Kidman As Dusty Springfield

Nicole Kidman reportedly in talks to play Dusty Springfield? I hope they don’t expect her to sing. Might I suggest Sarah Cracknell – the glamorous (and British) lead singer of Saint Etienne – take a crack at the role?(Daily Record) The first photos of Naomi Campbell‘s appearance on the Ugly Betty season finale have shown […]