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Articles Tagged 'Duffy'

Duffy Returns to Her Welsh Roots in Movie Debut

Having dazzled us the last few years with her stylish neo-soul, as heard on her 2008 chart-topping debut, Rockferry and her latest, Endlessly, Duffy can now add acting to her résumé, The 26-year-old Welsh singer makes her film debut in the psychological drama, Patagonia. Cardiff-born director Marc Evans (Trauma, Snow Cake) calls it a “low […]

Music Roundup: Ready Yourself to ‘Rock & Roll’ With Frank Turner

Frank Turner is a surprising diamond in the UK’s mostly pop-laden rough. The London punk-bred songster, educated at Eton, spent much of the new millennium rocking out with hardcore outfits such as Kneejerk and Million Dead. But during the last five years, Turner has scrupulously honed his high-spirited acoustic guitar-driven sound, as heard on his […]

The 5 Most Annoying British Songs of 2010

BBC America viewers voted, and these are the most annoying songs from British acts in 2010. Anglophenia contributor Fraser McAlpine gives his take on these torturous tunes. Duffy in “Well Well Well” There’s a knack to creating a truly annoying song. It has to be relatively close to being a very good song, but with […]

POLL: The Most Annoying British Songs of 2010

A few months ago, we listed some of the worst British songs of all-time, but 2010 has offered up some worthy contenders to that dubious crown. Today, we present what we think are this year’s best examples of Anglo aural awfulness, including one track that Anglophenia music writer Fraser McAlpine dubs “less a song, more […]

Listen To Duffy’s New Track, ‘Endlessly’

Duffy was crowned “the new Amy Winehouse” when she emerged on the scene back in 2008. Outside of the retro fashions, nothing could have been further from the truth. Duffy was an angelic Welsh lass who, unlike the tabloid-taunted Amy, made family-friendly “blue-eyed soul.” Duffy’s polished sound, produced by Suede guitarist Bernard Butler, really connected […]

Music Roundup: Travis’ Fran Healy Rules Again on ‘Wreckorder’

Travis frontman Fran Healy has captivated American audiences for the last 15 years with his honest-to-goodness and heartfelt pop tunes. If you’re a massive fan of UK music, knowing every word to one of the band's brightest and biggest hits, "Why Does It Always Rain on Me," is an undeniable part of your subconscious. Don't […]

Meet Duffy’s Hunky Rugby-Playing Suitor

According to The Sun, singer Duffy (a.k.a. Ms. “A Man in Every City”) is dating Mike Phillips (see right), a 27-year-old Welsh rugby star. A source tells the tabloid that Mr. Phillips has designs on being Gavin Henson to Duffy’s Charlotte Church: “As soon as Duffy agreed to a date he dumped his poor girlfriend […]

Coldplay Goose-Eggs at the BRITS

Damn this crappy economy. I so wanted to travel to the UK to cover this year’s BRIT Awards – and hopefully, recover some of my lost dignity from last year – but budgets are tight, man! Last night, the awards were held in London, and there were a few surprises. Duffy and Coldplay both went […]

Duffy and Coldplay, a.k.a. ‘Eh’ and ‘Bleh’, Lead BRIT Nominations

I’ve been away at the Future of TV Conference this week, so I missed posting the BRIT nominations on Tuesday. I guess I didn’t miss much. The Duffy/Coldplay lovefest is predictable and snooze-worthy; the British Male Solo Artist category is just embarrassing (and, pray tell, what did Ian Brown release in ’08?). AC/DC? Iron Maiden? […]

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