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Articles Tagged 'Doctor Who Rogues Gallery'

The Doctor meets the Daleks

Classic ‘Doctor Who’ For Beginners: The Monsters

For anyone getting into Doctor Who since the show’s relaunch in 2005, the back story on some of the creatures that suddenly pop up must seem a little daunting. Especially when there are fans left and right curling themselves into excitement knots over the significance of references that don’t really mean much for newbies. So, […]

‘Doctor Who’ Rogues Gallery Roundup: The Odd Squad

This is a post devoted to those Whovian villains that possibly caused more of a headscratch than a dive behind the sofa. When you travel the wilderness of time and space like the Doctor does, you’re bound to run into a few unusual people here and there, and yes, some of them will be terrifying […]

‘Doctor Who’ Rogues Gallery: The Time Lords

Of all the races to have paraded across our screens in Doctor Who, few are as often rhapsodised over as the Time Lords of Gallifrey (apart from the humans of Earth, of course, they get an amazingly good press), and few let down that praise as comprehensively. It’s not that they’re evil-minded as such, but […]


‘Doctor Who’ Rogues Gallery: The Terileptils

In TV science fiction, sometimes you can be working on a cracking idea for a monster costume, and only realie afterwards that there’s a silly detail that, while helping to define the character you’re creating, also unravels them a little. Like the Terileptils, once-only enemies of the Fifth Doctor (in a story called The Visitation). […]


‘Doctor Who’ Rogues Gallery: Davros

Before we get into the character and his role in the evolving history of diplomatic relations between Daleks and Time Lords, can we please take a moment to issue a resounding ovation in the general direction of those BBC technicians who created Davros? I mean just LOOK at the fella! He’s got no legs and […]

‘Doctor Who’ Rogues Gallery: The Drashigs

Sometimes the monsters in Doctor Who aren’t the real villains of the piece. They’re just animals or beasts that are unhappily caught up in affairs they don’t truly understand. Oh sure, they’re terrifying to look at and definitely very deadly, but they’re not intent on taking over an entire planet, they don’t know how to […]

‘Doctor Who’ Rogues Gallery: The Ice Warriors

It seems a fitting moment, while a probe is scooting around on the surface of the actual Mars, looking for signs of ice (among other things) to have a look at the fictitious frozen warriors that particular planet sent over to the Earth, to do battle with the Second Doctor, and his assistants Jamie and […]

‘Doctor Who’ Rogues Gallery: The Celestial Toymaker

So there’s this guy, right, and he’s immortal. He’s been exiled from an alternative universe, where the physical rules are different, and because of this, he’s lived for millions and millions of years. This has not had a positive effect on his mental wellbeing. In fact, the solitude has driven him mad. (Note: he does […]

‘Doctor Who’ Rogues Gallery: The Silence

To be clear, the rogues in this particular case are not the religious order known as the Silence, but the lightbulb-headed, chewing-gum-faced beanpoles in suits that you can’t remember having been scared of, once you’ve stopped being scared of them. The Silence were an incredibly apt alien for the Doctor and his friends to encounter […]

‘Doctor Who’ Rogues Gallery: The Weeping Angels

It has long been my personal thesis that at its true heart, Doctor Who is not a science fiction show, it’s a horror show designed for family viewing. Yes, there are scientific things that happen, and yes they’re fictional, but the most effective, most cherished episodes are the ones where astonishingly creepy things happen too, […]