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Articles Tagged 'Doctor Who 50th Anniversary'


20 Fantastic Cosplay Photos from the ‘Doctor Who’ Celebration

You can’t have a Doctor Who convention without remarkable cosplay, and fans from around the globe upped their game at the Doctor Who celebration in London marking the series’ 50th anniversary. From meticulously detailed imitations of Doctor’s costumes to imaginative expressions of Whoniversal things, here are a few sterling examples of Whovian creativity: See more: […]


‘Doctor Who’ Celebration: Inside the Special Effects

One of the highlights of the Doctor Who convention in London this 50th anniversary weekend has been the Special Effects panels, led by SFX supervisor Danny Hargreaves. Hosted by Bang Goes the Theory‘s Dallas Campbell, the 45-minute sessions included active demonstrations of some of the series’ most dramatic effects. Hargreaves says he never went to […]


Steven Moffat Talks ‘Doctor Who’ 50th, Eccleston’s Absence

With “The Day of the Doctor” premiering tomorrow (November 23), showrunner Steven Moffat discussed his own anxiety about the 50th anniversary special. “I’m quite nervous, to be honest,” he told journalists at a rountable discussion at the Doctor Who convention in London. “It’s hard a certain amount of hype, shall we say, a certain amount […]


PHOTOS: ‘Doctor Who’ Celebration Begins in London

As we careen into Doctor Who‘s 50th anniversary weekend, the show’s official celebration has kicked off in Britain’s capital today (November 22). And there has been no mucking about: stars Matt Smith and Jenna Coleman and showrunner Steven Moffat have already made a splash on the red carpet while immaculately dressed cosplayers have shown off […]

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