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Articles Tagged 'Dining Out'

Personality Quiz: How ‘American’ Are You in Restaurants?

As an expat living in the U.S., you can either get with local dining culture or stick rigidly to your British ideas about restaurant etiquette. Find out how well you’ve adapted to eating out American style with our scientifically accurate quiz. See more: Editorial: Is Tipping in America Excessive? An Englishman’s Take Tipping in America: […]


How to Complain Like an American

British people get the majority of their complaining done in private, hours after the offending incident took place. Registering even the teensiest bit of displeasure in a public, sober setting is virtually unthinkable. Back in London, I’d sooner have undergone colonic irrigation on a plinth in Trafalgar Square than let a waitress who’d presented me […]


Editorial: Is Tipping in America Excessive? An Englishman’s Take

The other night, bidding farewell to my guests following a meal, a heavy hand grabbed my shoulder from behind. It wasn’t an old friend who had spotted me from across the car park. It wasn’t an angry patron who I’d pushed in front of or someone whose girlfriend I’d chatted up. It was a waiter […]


Eating Out: 10 Differences Between Britain and America

I’ll never forget the look of surprise and disgust on my American waiter’s face the first time I asked for mayonnaise and then proceeded to dip my fries in it. The occasion In Britain, going out for a meal is almost always done to mark an occasion: a birthday, a reunion, an anniversary. But in […]


Choices, Choices: How to Navigate American Restaurant Menus

Brits are often taken aback at the number of choices when dining out or ordering food in the U.S. Most menus are at least two to three pages, and if you’re in one of those TGIF-type joints, it’s like being handed War and Peace. If dining in a restaurant, my first piece of advice is […]