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Sherlock and Molly Kiss

Louise Brealey on Kissing Benedict Cumberbatch: “I Milked It!”

There’s a hugely entertaining interview with Sherlock star Louise Brealey on the Radio Times website today, in which she discusses her role in the new movie, Sherlock slashfic, and the moment her character Molly got to lock lips with Mr Holmes himself. Naturally, the chance to share a tender moment with Benedict Cumberbatch—you’ve heard of […]

Nico Rogner and Louise Brealey in ‘Delicious’

WATCH: Louise Brealey of ‘Sherlock’ In ‘Delicious’ Trailer

Time for a campaign, I think. Louise Brealey is great, isn’t she? She plays Molly in Sherlock, and so is well-versed in the art of facial expressions that subtly reveal deep the kind of emotional turmoil that must never be spoken aloud. That’s proper acting. And she’s in this new movie that is currently touring […]