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‘Deep Breath’ (Photo: BBC)

‘Doctor Who’: 10 Things You May Not Know About ‘Deep Breath’

When it comes to making an entrance, very few people (human or otherwise) really take the time to consider being coughed up by a fully-grown female tyrannosaur in Victorian London. And that seems a shame, because if there is one thing we can learn from “Deep Breath,” it is that dinosaurs attract attention. Other things […]

‘Doctor Who’s Day Roundup: A ‘Breath’ Of Fresh Air

The Doctor is back! Peter Capaldi made his full debut as the Twelfth Doctor on Saturday, August 23 in “Deep Breath”, and if you’ve already forgotten everything that happened in the tale of dinosaurs, clockwork robots and grumpy newly-Scottish-voiced men in Victorian London, you can remind yourself with our episode recap. It’s pretty clear, however, that the […]

Doctor Who ‘Deep Breath’

‘Doctor Who’ Recap: ‘Deep Breath’

The story so far: the Doctor has a new face and new kidneys, the TARDIS is crashing and poor Clara Oswald is trying to make sense of things. Read on, if the word “spoilers” holds no fear… A female tyrannosaur is invading Victorian London, and the Paternoster Gang have arrived to see what’s what. It […]