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David Morrissey in Britannia (Photo: Sky)

10 Things You May Not Know About the Roman Invasion of Britain

Today is the first day U.S. viewers will have a chance to see Anglo favorite David Morrissey in Britannia, strutting his stuff as Roman leader Aulus Plautius, as he leads his troops into battle during the Roman invasion of Britain, in AD 43. The show is streaming on Amazon Prime Video as of today, and […]

‘The Next Doctor’ (Photo: BBC)

‘Doctor Who’: 10 Things You May Not Know About ‘The Next Doctor’

“The Next Doctor” is one of the most beloved adventures in Doctor Who’s long history. It’s partly because the premise is adventurous and mysterious. Without getting too far into spoilers, the Doctor meets a man called the Doctor, with a companion and sonic screwdriver and a TARDIS, in Victorian London. Oh, and there are Cybermen. […]


‘Doctor Who’ Alumni: Where to See Them in 2015

It’s hard not to get attached to the characters we’ve grown accustomed to watching in Doctor Who, but as life happens in the Whoniverse, sooner or later our fave actors must move on. Here’s a look at 13 Doctor Who alum we can look forward to seeing in film and television in 2015: 1. Matt Smith  Smith, the Eleventh Doctor, is set […]


WATCH: David Morrissey’s ‘The Driver’ Heading to Acorn TV

We last saw David Morrissey in AMC’s Walking Dead as the Governor, and we can look forward to more Morrissey this coming Monday (April 13) in the BBC miniseries The Driver premiering on Acorn TV. The title of the series gives us a hint as what to expect: Morrissey is a driver. He’s not some […]

David Morrissey in The Walking Dead

David Morrissey Wants To Take Off His Tailcoat

We live in tough times, financially, and this often forces dramatists to think in one of two opposing directions: reflection or escape. You either imagine fantastic realms in which there is no global recession or you show the effects of the times head on, without flinching. Downton Abbey or Breaking Bad, these are your choices. […]


Introducing David Morrissey: Five Great Roles Before ‘The Walking Dead’

Season three of The Walking Dead, AMC’s post-apocalyptic thriller, premieres on Sunday, with British actor David Morrissey as The Governor. The self declared Governor, whose name is actually Brian Blake, appears in the original comic book series the TV show is based on. Blake initially comes across as a fair and focused leader but is seduced by […]

Five Great Guest Stars Of ‘Doctor Who’

It all started with yesterday’s Doctor Who roundup, in which we pointed to the Radio Times and their Top 10 of Doctor Who guest stars (since the show’s relaunch in 2005). It’s a great list, giving props to Bernard Cribbins‘s peerless turn as Wilfred Mott, as well as James Corden and the amazing Alex Kingston […]

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