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Articles Tagged 'David Mitchell'

A Christmas Crow

Can You Spot Which A-Lister is Playing Elizabeth I in ‘Upstart Crow’?

There’s no mistaking who she’s supposed to be, but under all that ivory make-up and that red-haired wig is Emma Thompson. The Nanny McPhee star has been made to look like Queen Elizabeth I for a special Christmas episode of Upstart Crow, a sitcom about William Shakespeare written by Blackadder‘s Ben Elton. Don’t believe us? Then here’s Emma in […]

David Mitchell, Twitter, Screen Shot

‘Cloud Atlas’ Novelist Tweets Entire Short Story in Batches

People are so used to instant access these days, but English novelist David Mitchell is making readers wait for his latest short story, reports BBC News. The Cloud Atlas author is sending out batches of tweets, 20 at a time, over seven days, revealing his short story The Right Sort. The story is set in 1978, narrated by […]

Stephen Fry

11 British Hosts Who Could Replace David Letterman

In case you’re unsure whether British TV viewers are aware of the magnitude of David Letterman’s achievements, or even who he is, be assured we most certainly are and do. Even though Late Show hasn’t had a firm slot on our screens, so many British producers and presenters took the spirit of David’s interview technique, […]

Olivia Colman and David Tennant in ‘Broadchurch’

‘Broadchurch’: The Evolution of Olivia Colman

Rest assured, there aren’t any clips of Broadchurch in this roundup, because we don’t want a moment spoiled if we can help it, but if there were, they would only serve to further illustrate the astonishing transformation that has happened in Olivia Colman‘s acting career over the past couple of years. She has always been […]


WATCH: Comic David Mitchell Says ‘Downton Abbey’ Went ‘Completely Nuts’

It was bad enough when Sherlock’s Benedict Cumberbatch dissed the second season of Downton Abbey. Now, David Mitchell, a British comedian and BAFTA-winning actor (BBC’s That Mitchell and Webb Look and Channel 4’s Peep Show) is piling on, verbally eviscerating Season 2 in his weekly David Mitchell’s Soapbox video series. Mitchell released his down-with-Downton video […]

Four Ways The London Games Have Made Me Proud To Be British

Extremists aside, the British are often reluctant to bang on about patriotism in polite company. We may have the reputation of being a bunch of rabid football supporters who will sing until they are hoarse about the superiority of the England team to anyone who will listen (more out of hope than judgement, to be […]

Five Bizarre Things About British Television

British TV is just like American TV, except the accents are different. And there are fewer shows about animals doing funny things. And our idea of a strong plot doesn’t involve a normal teenage girl also being a secret rock star. Oh and our newsreaders are legally required to be as impartial as possible, rather […]

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