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Day of the Daleks

‘Doctor Who’ Brit Binge: 10 Greatest Dalek Episodes

Tomorrow (August 30) we will see how the Twelfth Doctor gets on in his first confrontation with Dalek-kind, with “Into the Dalek.” It’s a testing moment for any new regeneration, and he could find himself flying into a rage—as Eleven did in his first Dalek story “Victory of the Daleks”—or struggling to convince people that […]

Doctor Who “Into The Dalek”

WATCH: ‘Doctor Who’ Teasers for ‘Into The Dalek’

Naturally if you’re against spoilers these should be avoided at all costs. So, having discovered that the Twelfth Doctor is possessed of “attack eyebrows” and is proud of his Scottishness because it means he can commence moaning, what fresh thrills await us in this week’s Doctor Who? Well, according to the new teaser trailers for […]

Doctor Who spin-off singles

Five ‘Doctor Who’-Themed Pop Singles You Must Hear

With the announcement that pop music has once again invaded the world of Doctor Who—in the form of the singer Foxes, who will be appearing in Season Eight—it seems a good moment to take a look back at those rare instances when the Whoniverse attempted a counter-attack, in the form of a spin-off (and by […]


Some Old Fiends Arrive At The Doctor’s Birthday Party

Y’know how it is when you’re throwing a party and friends-of-friends start turning up, and they’ve got buddies who know people and someone else is just tagging along and before you know what’s what the entire event has been taken over by people you’ve never seen, and neither has anyone you know, and they’re making […]


BAFTA Celebrates 50 Years Of ‘Doctor Who’

This weekend it’s the BAFTA Television Awards, hosted by Graham Norton. And, in recognition of 50 years of wonderment, 50 years of hiding behind soft furnishings, and 50 years of providing a LOT of work for British TV actors – whether in alienskin suits or not – there will be a special tribute to Doctor Who […]


Raymond Cusick – The Real ‘Davros’ – Dies, Aged 84

Here’s a sad thing that came to light over the weekend. Raymond Cusick, the BBC production designer who came up with the idea for what the Daleks would look like and how they would move, by playing with a cruet set (and being, let’s be honest, something of a genius), has died, aged 84. Raymond […]


Personality Quiz: How Daleky Are You?

It’s a worry most of us have to tackle in our lives. What with the spiralling pressures of modern life, the drive towards technological answers to non-technological problems and a marked decline in common courtesy, are we in danger of leaving behind our innate humanity and taking a form which is closer to that of […]


‘Doctor Who’ Rogues Gallery: Davros

Before we get into the character and his role in the evolving history of diplomatic relations between Daleks and Time Lords, can we please take a moment to issue a resounding ovation in the general direction of those BBC technicians who created Davros? I mean just LOOK at the fella! He’s got no legs and […]

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