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‘Dalek’ (Photo: BBC)

‘Doctor Who’: 10 Things You May Not Know About ‘Dalek’

“Dalek” is the story in which the rejuvenated Doctor Who really took off in the minds and imaginations of fans. It’s the story that confidently referenced the classic series without worrying unduly that new fans would get lost, and exploded a few commonly-repeated myths along the way, while depicting both the Doctor and his greatest […]

Doctor Who

5 of the Doctor’s Greatest Moments of Fear

Tomorrow night’s (September 13) Doctor Who episode “Listen” sees a return to the darker, scarier moments in the show’s history, after last week’s historical romp “Robot of Sherwood,” and if this just-released clip is anything to go by, the Doctor is forced to take a long and unsettling look at his own life: But it’s not […]


Raymond Cusick – The Real ‘Davros’ – Dies, Aged 84

Here’s a sad thing that came to light over the weekend. Raymond Cusick, the BBC production designer who came up with the idea for what the Daleks would look like and how they would move, by playing with a cruet set (and being, let’s be honest, something of a genius), has died, aged 84. Raymond […]

The World’s Oldest Football (Being Looked At By A Dalek)

I’m sorry, this should really go in the Doctor Who’s Day roundup (coming soon!), but I can’t resist. So there’s this story about the world’s oldest existing football, which was found down the back of some panelling in the Queen’s Chamber of Stirling Castle, former home of the Scottish royal family. It’s thought the ball, […]


Doctor Who’s Day Roundup: Daleks Will Take a ‘Rest,’ Says Steven Moffat

Does it still count as a plot spoiler if you tell someone what ISN’T going to happen in a drama? I surely hope not because, well, we’ve got some news. It appears that everyone’s favorite condiment-shaped despotic cyborg menace, the Daleks, won’t be attempting to take over the universe for a while. And it’s all […]

Doctor Who’: Daleks in a Blender, Matt Smith in a Podcast

Our brothers-from-another-mother over at Anglotopia have alerted us to a Doctor Who Dalek edition of Blendtec's "Will It Blend?," the YouTube series in which host Tom Dickson attempts to pulverize unlikely items – from iPhones to vuvuzelas – in a blender. (Don't try this with your Cuisinart.) The Dalek certainly puts up quite the fight. […]