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Top Gear Thursday: Top Ten ‘Top Gear’ Moments of 2012

Could we have used the word “top” any more times in that headline? But at least you get the idea: we’re aiming for the top here, and we’ll look at the high points of Top Gear over the past year. To paraphrase Bette Davis, fasten your seatbelts, it’s going to be a bumpy ride. 1. […]


Top Gear Thursday: For Richard Hammond, It *Is* Rocket Science

In the season two finale of Richard Hammond’s Crash Course, Richard Hammond is aiming high — 40,000 feet high — by joining scientists to launch an actual rocket from the Mojave Desert. Then Richard tries his hand — or rather his feet — at being a bicycle messenger on the streets of San Francisco. In […]


Top Gear Thursday: Richard Hammond Demonstrates Animal Magnetism

Top Gear Brit Richard Hammond may have learned how to speak American, but next week’s Crash Course is all about, as Dr. Doolittle might say, talking with the animals. Because next week Richard goes to an exotic animal sanctuary in Hawaii and to southern California where he tries his hand at snake wrangling. The all-new […]


Top Gear Thursday: Richard, the Cowboy, Deep in the Heart of Texas

“You can always tell a cowboy, but you can’t tell him much.” The saying could have come from the old West. Or it could be from the vaudeville circuit. Don’t go botherin’ about it now. All you need to be concernin’ yerself with is that this here post is about next week’s episode of Richard […]


Top Gear Thursday: Richard’s Career as a Barber – Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Could the two professions of barber and helicopter test pilot be any more different? Aside from the use of the word “blade” and the phrase “take off” (and even that’s stretching it), we couldn’t think of any similarities. But Richard Hammond is trying his hand at both jobs next week on Crash Course. Richard has […]


Top Gear Thursday: Life is ‘the Pits’ for Richard Hammond

“Is there anything here that doesn’t hurt or sound unpleasant?” Richard Hammond asks plaintively about the job he undertakes on next week’s Crash Course. You’d think that being part of a race car pit stop crew would come more naturally to the host of a TV car show than, say, being a rodeo clown, but […]


Top Gear Thursday: Can Richard Hammond Walk on Water?

  Next week, Richard Hammond tries to channel his own inner Ernest Hemingway. No, he’s not going to be writing crisp, clear but enigmatic prose – he’s going to try his hand at bullfighting. Okay, so it’s not the ugly, brutal kind where the two guys gang up against the bull and shove long pointed […]


Top Gear Thursday: Watch Out, ‘Crash Course’ Season Two is Coming!

The Hamster tries his hand at a variety of professions in the second season of Richard Hammond’s Crash Course, but perhaps it’s appropriate that he’s starting with a stint as a stunt (yes, the consonance was deliberate) driver on the season’s first episode, which premieres Monday, October 22 at 10/9c. After all, it’s a profession, […]

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