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Articles Tagged 'Cosgrove Hall'

Danger Mouse and Penfold

Crikey! Danger Mouse Returns!

Paddington, Postman Pat, Bananaman, The Wombles, Thunderbirds, The Clangers… it seems there are very few characters from the first full flush of British children’s TV that ever get fully put away in a drawer and forgotten about. And in the case of the anarchic spy cartoon Danger Mouse, even the death of one of the […]

Five Great British Children’s Filmmakers

Making engaging TV for children is hard work. A balance has to be struck between sweetness and seriousness, between silliness and jeopardy, so that your audience (which is probably the most fickle of any audience ever) not only keeps watching, but feels welcome to do so. To put it into a modern context, every digimated […]