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Articles Tagged 'Cornwall'

Pentre Ifan

6 Impressive British Stone Structures That Aren’t Stonehenge

Two things are staggering about the Neolithic sites that pepper the British Isles: the first is that there are quite so many in such a small area—approximately 1,300 stone circles across the British Isles and Ireland, and that’s before you count the other constructions: from hill-forts to longbarrows, fogus to dolmens. And the second is that […]


5 Vintage British Things That Made a Comeback

Just for the sake of variety, let’s take Doctor Who and Sherlock Holmes as read, and see what else we can find, shall we? The Cornish Language The Cornish people spoke a Celtic language called Kernowek (or Kernewek), which shares a similar root to that of Welsh and Breton. Despite having effectively died out as […]

Breaking Bad

WATCH: ‘Breaking Bad (Cornish Edition)’

Because what we all needed, without even really realizing it, is a spoof on Breaking Bad featuring a series of strong West Country accents, right? As you can tell from his YouTube channel, Colin Leggo likes to have fun by dubbing Cornish dialogue over famous movies, news events and video games, and his inspired commentary […]

The flag of St. Piran

The Cornish Become An Official Minority

Myttin da!* It’s not often we get to report a change in the sociological and political makeup of the United Kingdom, although with Scotland undergoing a public referendum to see if they will become an independent nation, who can say what the future will hold? The people of Cornwall—situated right down at the bottom left […]

St Piran’s Day

Happy St. Piran’s Day, From Cornwall!

Greetings, my ‘ansum Anglophenians! I bring you tidings of great merriment and celebration from Cornwall, the bit right down at the left toe end of Great Britain, just past Devon. Today is St. Piran’s Day, and he is the patron saint of Cornwall, in exactly the same way that St. Patrick is the patron saint […]