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Brits Playing American Actors

10 British TV Actors Posing as Americans

There’s a number of British actors putting their infectious accent on the shelf and donning American personas for our viewing pleasure. Let’s take a peek at British actors currently on American TV: 1. Tom Weston-Jones  Tom Weston-Jones was born in England, raised in Dubai and plays an Irish-American cop in BBC AMERICA’s Copper as Detective […]

London, Horse and Carriage, Somerset House, 1890 copy

Photo Quiz: 19th Century NYC or London?

The second season of Copper makes its return this weekend on Sunday, June 23 at 10/9c. Copper does such a fine job of transporting us back to 1860s New York City, it made us wonder … what did Victorian London look like at the time? We’ve put together some photos from the mid-to-late 1800s from […]

Charles Dickens

Five Victorian Cocktails (Including ‘The Cock Tail’)

It is commonly assumed that the cocktail, as we know it, is an American invention, although as recently as December last year this idea was called into question by the Telegraph, who found a British citation for the term that pre-dates any American equivalent. In any case, it’s not the idea of mixing spirits that […]


10 British Things About Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln and the British? Surely these folks at Anglophenia must be joking, you must be thinking to yourself. After all, what does a Kentucky-born, rail-splitting, country lawyer who never once traveled outside the United States have to do with England? Quite a lot, it turns out. Lincoln had many relationships with Britain and with […]

Pickwick Bicycle Club

Five Victorian Things You Can Still Do In London

Season 2 of Copper is coming back to BBCAMERICA on  June 23, at 10 pm/9c, which means there is going to be a lot of information coming out of your TV screens about life (and death) in New York during the 1860s. But what was going on in London during that period, and, more to […]


BBC AMERICA Previews Summer Programming

With temps already climbing across the country and Memorial Day around the corner, BBC AMERICA has sent out a press release previewing its summer programming, led by the second season of its original crime drama Copper. Set in Civil War-era New York City, the series stars British actor Tom Weston-Jones as Irish detective Kevin Corcoran, a […]


WATCH: ‘Copper’ Season 2 Trailer Takes Us Back to Bloody Five Points

The brass is indeed back. British actor Tom Weston-Jones returns as Irish-American policeman Kevin Corcoran in the second season of BBC AMERICA’s original scripted series Copper, set to premiere Sunday, June 23 at 10/9c. The dark 1860s New York crime drama will have the benefit of some high-wattage additions to its international acting ensemble next […]

Five Horrible Diseases You Might Have Caught in Victorian England

While certain costume dramas would have us believe it would be wonderful to visit Victorian England, to wander the London streets amid barrow boys and horse-drawn carriages, to see Oscar Wilde’s plays performed for the first time, to really rock a decent moustache, not everything was a delight. Quite apart from the crime and deprivation […]


Alfre Woodard Joins Cast of BBC AMERICA’s ‘Copper’

A face familiar to film and TV viewers is set to join the denizens of Five Points: BBC AMERICA and Cineflix Studios have announced today (April 11) that Alfre Woodard will guest star on the upcoming second season of Copper, which will premiere Sunday, June 23 at 10/9c. In the original drama, set in Civil […]

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