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Doctor Who – ‘The Doctor’s Daughter’ – Jenny (Photo: BBC)

10 Doctor Who Characters We’d Like To See Again

The Doctor arrives in people’s lives with such force, and departs with such velocity, that it often feels as if he has left untold stories in his wake, tales we could pick up again, should he ever reappear. So, as River Song is making a return this Christmas, here are a few of the notable […]

Matt Smith

‘Doctor Who’: A Companion To The Eleventh Doctor

Of all the stories around the Eleventh Doctor and the reason he is the way he is, the most telling detail lies in the way Matt Smith, the actor who plays him, was first considered for the role. Amid a casting process that was deliberately skewed towards an older actor than the departing David Tennant, Matt […]

The Tenth Doctor

‘Doctor Who’: A Companion To The Tenth Doctor

If you had to arrange the 11 Doctors in order of how old they appear to be in human terms, where would the Tenth go? Certainly the dignified First and haughty Third are at one extreme, with the Sixth and Eleventh not far behind, and at the other end, the Second and Fifth, larking about […]

Chrisopher Eccleston as the Ninth Doctor

‘Doctor Who’: A Companion To The Ninth Doctor

When we meet the Ninth Doctor, he is a man of mystery. We don’t know about the war between the Daleks and the Time Lords, when the regeneration between the Eighth Doctor and the Ninth happened, or whether there was another, extra Doctor in the middle somewhere, doing stuff that the subsequent Doctors are too […]

Paul McGann as the Eighth Doctor

‘Doctor Who’: A Companion To The Eighth Doctor

Assuming we can only take what happens on the TV screen as canon, the Eighth Doctor is defined as much by his absence as his presence. He only appears once, in the 1996 Doctor Who TV movie, the script of which takes a few liberties with Whovian reality. After this, when the Doctor is next […]

The Seventh Doctor

‘Doctor Who’: A Companion To The Seventh Doctor

One of the most interesting things that Doctor Who sometimes does with its lead actors is to take a performer that is principally known for comedic roles, then make them act against type. So, Jon Pertwee’s Third Doctor, rather than delivering a whirlwind of funny voices and manic energy, was a lofty and deliberate man, […]

The Sixth Doctor

‘Doctor Who’: A Companion To The Sixth Doctor

For a huge variety of reasons that it’s probably best not to linger on here, the years during which Colin Baker played the irascible Sixth Doctor were not uniformly happy ones for his character or for Doctor Who. But if you look at what was attempted in this era, you’ll see that there are a […]

The Fifth Doctor

‘Doctor Who’: A Companion To The Fifth Doctor

For fans of Doctor Who, a regeneration is always a tricky time. You’ve spent the preceding years bonding with this guy, becoming accustomed to his face, enjoying his little quirks and habits, only to discover that he is now dead, and there’s someone else standing in his place, and this fella does everything differently. It’s […]

Jenna Louise Coleman

A Companion To The Doctor’s Companions: Clara Oswin Oswald

EDIT: This was originally published before the broadcast of “The Name of the Doctor” and before we found out how Clara Oswin Oswald managed to be in three places at once, and die in two of them. This profile will have to remain unfinished, as the key feature of Clara’s existence as a companion is […]

Welcome to the TARDIS

How Do You Get To Be The Doctor’s Companion Anyway?

Note: this is not a guide for budding actors and actresses, on how best to audition for the role of a companion on Doctor Who. If you are looking for that kind of thing, the best advice we can offer, based on the previous successful applicants, is to be entirely unlike the other ones, and […]

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