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10 American Commercials Starring British Faces and Voices

Are commercials more appealing when presented by Brits? We imagine a marketing team setting up a focus group, asking, “Would you be more inclined to talk about your toilet paper use with a delightful British woman?” That may not necessarily be the thought process behind casting British actors, but it does make us inclined to find out more […]

Actress Helen Mirren Honored By World Jewish Congress For Her Role In Acclaimed Film “Woman In Gold” At The Neue Galerie In New York City

WATCH: Dame Helen Mirren Stars in Hair Care Commercial

Academy Award-winning actress Dame Helen Mirren isn’t above doing commercials, nor does she shy away from doling out her beauty secrets. The Queen star is the face of the L’Oreal Paris Excellence Age Perfect campaign at the age of 69, starring in the just released U.K. commercial for hair maintenance: Some actresses, and even actors, […]


British vs. American Ads: Which TV Commercials Make You Blush?

At the risk of turning this into a “Which is better?” debate, it’s fair to say that there’s quite a difference between British and American TV ads. What one viewing audience finds acceptable is often highly inappropriate to the other and I find myself saying “I can’t believe they just showed that” on both sides […]

Love Hate marmite

Marmite TV Ad Results in 100s of Complaints

Marmite, a savory yeast extract spread, is considered to be an acquired taste. Apparently, so is the TV ad that Unilever, the makers of Marmite, has come up with in their new campaign. Unilever embraced the “love it or hate it” reaction people have for the salty paste, creating a commercial that features a special […]