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How To Dress Like The Eleventh Doctor

Well what a ride it has been. We’ve finally reached the end of our guide to Whovian cosplay, and we’ve learned a lot along the way. Not least of which is the word “cosplay,” which some of us thought was a badly-spelled slang term for a Boggle tournament with our cousins. So, without further ado, […]

The Tenth Doctor

How To Dress Like The Tenth Doctor

Thanks largely to the efforts of Rose Tyler, the Tenth Doctor – played with huge transparency by David Tennant – regains some of his old flair. His old war scars start to heal, only to be replaced by a deep melancholy when forced to confront the truth of his existence, which is that he’s alone […]

How To Dress Like The Ninth Doctor

The Ninth Doctor There has to be a point where the silliness ends, and in the case of Doctor Who, this occurred after the series was cancelled and after the TV movie, during the quiet years of the early 2000s. In a lot of ways, the problems started when the reality of keeping the show […]


How To Dress Like The Eighth Doctor

After the DIY nightmare of the Sixth Doctor’s coat, and the knitting yourself blind problems of the Seventh Doctor’s sweater, here’s a costume that should be fairly straightforward to get sorted. And we’ve finally left those question marks behind! The downside is there’s not a lot of choice in terms of color, as there is […]

How To Dress Like The Seventh Doctor

This is where it all gets a bit painful, especially if you were around at the time. Everything about the early attempts to make Sylvester McCoy into the Seventh Doctor seem to indicate that as far as the production team were concerned, the Colin Baker-era had been right with the costume, but the character wasn’t […]

How To Dress Like The Sixth Doctor

Let’s pause a moment to recap. The First Doctor dressed like an Edwardian patriarch, the Second Doctor was a clown, the Third Doctor a dandy, the Fourth Doctor looked like an eccentric Lord (with a constantly cold neck) and the Fifth Doctor was a cricketer. What does that make the Sixth Doctor? A cushion? A […]

How To Dress Like The Fifth Doctor

There’s something very uncluttered about Peter Davison’s outfit as the Fifth Doctor. Where previous Doctors had adopted a kind of mix and match approach, pilfering a smoking jacket from here and a flamboyant kerchief from there, the Fifth Doc’s sole concessions to wackiness are the wearing of trainers, the insistance on the question-mark shirt collar […]

How To Dress Like The Fourth Doctor

There’s a brilliant bit at the beginning of Tom Baker’s very first episode as the Doctor, in part one of Robot, where he is attempting to decide what kind of clothes he wants to wear. He goes into the TARDIS and comes out dressed as an ancient viking warrior, much to the Brigadier’s consternation, then […]

How To Dress Like The Third Doctor

Now we’re cooking on gas! Having established a few of the basic bits and bobs you’ll need if you wish to indulge in what I now realize is called cosplay around the First Doctor and the Second Doctor, it’s time to start some of the heavy lifting, and address the matter of Jon Pertwee, the […]

How To Dress Like The Second Doctor

Yesterday we discussed how best to dress up as the William Hartnell-era Doctor in Doctor Who, in case the high neck fell off your Sontaran costume, or your dalek sink plunger got used to clear a blocked drain, and you were stuck for ideas before the start of Comic-Con. Now we turn our sartorial attention […]

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