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WATCH: What’s Hot in Coffee? Let’s Hit Shoreditch’s Cafés

That skinny latte just isn’t hitting the spot anymore. People are expecting more from their cup of Joe than ever. Which trends are bubbling up in the world of coffee? Anglophenia’s Kate Arnell hits the cafés of London’s trendsetting Shoreditch to explore how the familiar morning beverage is evolving. Subscribe to our YouTube series for […]

Teas and coffees

International Coffee Day: When Cupcakes Invaded Britain

Consider this a dunkable companion to your mid-morning break. This story involves a relatively new innovation into British lives, one that will seem laughably quaint to anyone that is used to jacking up their sleep-deprived selves into semi-automated form using a large and unhealthy jolt of Joe. So, let’s begin with a little context. Coffee […]

Dunkin’ Donuts

Dunkin Donuts Makes Its Way to the UK

Dunkin’ Donuts is giving it another go in the U.K … the ol’ college effort as some might say. DD had stores in Britain, but pulled out in the mid-nineties, as it just didn’t catch on. It’s sort of like when you go to the U.K. and think, “There’s no bagel stores here. Maybe I’ll […]