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WATCH: How to Use Cockney Rhyming Slang

If you’re only just now getting a handle on all of the basic differences between American and British English, there’s a whole other U.K. lingo to learn: Cockney rhyming slang. The theory goes that, back in the Victorian era, East End London street traders used the rhyming slang to disguise what they were saying, but […]

Artful Dodger

10 Old Slang Terms for Crimes that Don’t Happen Anymore

It must be annoying to be one of the criminal fraternity and have to keep making up slang terms for your day’s work. Especially when some of the jobs you’ve been involved in stop being lucrative and eventually become retired. Quite apart from anything else, it takes time for a new slang term to percolate […]

Loose Tea

10 Old British Slang Terms That Deserve A Revival

Just because it’s Friday and old words are amazing, here’s a list of delightful slang terms that are around 200 years old. Some of them describe acts people simply don’t perform any more, or suggest manners and etiquette that no longer apply, while some are all too familiar and could have been coined last week. […]

Pie and Mash

Let’s Have a Knees-Up for St George!

Today, as you may already know, is St George’s Day. And this is a special day for all red-blooded Englishmen, because St George was a Greek man from Palestine, who became a Roman soldier in the third century, hundreds of years before England had even been invented. He’s also the patron saint of, well, quite […]

Fraser’s Phrases: A Rhyming Slang Special

As requested after our trip to the knacker’s yard, here’s a brief explanation of Cockney rhyming slang, which should serve to explain a few of the phrases kicking around the British end of the English language. As with any code language, from polari to pig latin, the point of rhyming slang is for two people […]