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Articles Tagged 'Cliff Richard'

Teas and coffees

International Coffee Day: When Cupcakes Invaded Britain

Consider this a dunkable companion to your mid-morning break. This story involves a relatively new innovation into British lives, one that will seem laughably quaint to anyone that is used to jacking up their sleep-deprived selves into semi-automated form using a large and unhealthy jolt of Joe. So, let’s begin with a little context. Coffee […]


The Devil Has The Best Horticulture

Science, as anyone who has ever looked at anything on the internet ever will tell you, is not primarily concerned with faith. That’s not what it does. So when a survey is conducted to discover how plants react to music, and the results seem to favor the spiritually-dark rock stylings of Black Sabbath, you can’t […]

Wimbledon: A Glossary And Guide

This week sees the start of Wimbledon, the most famous tennis championship in the world, and the only one of the four Grand Slam tournaments that takes place on grass. This is significant only in that the sport was originally called Lawn Tennis, and was designed to be played on, y’know, a LAWN. Which means […]

Five Great American Things The British Ruined

The exchange of ideas between our two proud nations over the last fifty or so years has been a wondrous thing to behold. Our leaders may talk of the “special relationship” between American and Britain in strictly political terms, but actually it’s the cultural back-and-forth which has really been the most fruitful proof that for […]

Eurovision Song Contest

Why Doesn’t The UK Win Eurovision Every Year?

In our last roundup of Eurovision delights, we were looking at the best, most memorable performances the competition had to offer. And, actually, surprisingly few of these have been from UK entrants. I say surprising because of all the European nations — of all the Eurovision nations too — Britain has dominated the field of […]

Eurovision Song Contest

Eurovision’s Greatest Hits

So, as we revealed in our last look at Eurovision, there’s a lot about the contest which is a bit strange and hard to take. But that doesn’t mean every single entry is cheesy or unsettling. Or at least, if they are, some do it in a more brilliant way than others. As it’s a […]

Rock Legend Roundup: Sir Cliff, Sir Tom, and Sir Paul

Sir Cliff Richard shows off an Adonis bod at 70. It’s for his 2011 calendar, and he tells The Daily Mail: “I heard that 60 is the new 40 so I am making 70 the new 50. If you can prolong your life and hold off death for a while, why not? I would like […]

Anglo For Your Ear: Cliff Richard’s “Devil Woman”

Hot bod aside, Sir Cliff Richard is little more than a punchline these days and for good reason. However, he used to be a relatively consistent producer of quite listenable pop songs, like 1976’s “Devil Woman,” which features the lyric, “She’s gonna get you from behiiiiind!” I’m sure that one came back to bite him […]