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Articles Tagged 'Classic Doctor Who'

Mummy on the Orient Express

‘Doctor Who’ and the Invasion of the Classic Horror Monsters

Within Doctor Who, there is a long and noble tradition of bringing some of the most fearsome creatures from classic horror into the world of the Doctor, in much the same way that common myths and legends are thrown in with genuine historical characters and entirely fresh and monstrous creations from all over the universe. […]

‘Doctor Who’: Look Back at the Doctors’ First Episodes

On Saturday, August 23, Doctor Who fans will get to experience a rare event: the first story of a new Doctor, as Peter Capaldi takes up the TARDIS keys following the regeneration from Matt Smith in last year’s Christmas special “The Time of the Doctor.” As with so much in Doctor Who, there’s no real set formula for how […]

The Doctor meets the Daleks

Classic ‘Doctor Who’ For Beginners: The Monsters

For anyone getting into Doctor Who since the show’s relaunch in 2005, the back story on some of the creatures that suddenly pop up must seem a little daunting. Especially when there are fans left and right curling themselves into excitement knots over the significance of references that don’t really mean much for newbies. So, […]


Lost ‘Doctor Who’ Episodes Have Been Recovered, Now Available on iTunes

We’ve held off commenting on the stories making the rounds this week surrounding the recovery of previously lost Doctor Who episodes, but BBC Worldwide North America officially cleared the air with a historic announcement today (October 10). A stash of missing episodes has been discovered in Nigeria, and the re-mastered serials “The Enemy of the […]


‘Doctor Who’: The Magic Of The TARDIS

Before we get into this skip through the sentient metal daisies of TARDIS-lore, you will need to watch this video, because it handily encapsulates everything that is magical (or, if that’s too loaded a term, supernatural) about the Doctor’s travelling box – the box in which everything that we know that is scientifically impossible, becomes […]

RIP Mary Tamm, The First Romana From ‘Doctor Who’

I’m writing this on behalf of every Doctor Who fan who finds it hard to know what the appropriate response may be when one of the many actors who gave their favorite show life, loses theirs. I’ve never met the actress Mary Tamm – whose death from cancer at age 62 was announced today – […]

Want To Make Your Own ‘Doctor Who’ Theme Tune?

Let’s take a journey into the past. The recent past, the past where the internet is still a hot new concern and not something which is so intricately woven into all of our lives that we could not consider a world in which it does not exist. Back in the early naughties, the BBC’s Doctor […]

Michael Gough, Famous for ‘Doctor Who’ and ‘Batman,’ Dead at 94

Doctor Who alum Michael Gough, a veteran British character actor whose career spanned eight decades, has died at age 94, according to reports. The actor appeared as the villainous Celestial Toymaker on Doctor Who back in 1966, opposite William Hartnell‘s First Doctor. (In 1982, he appeared on Who as a different character, Hedin, opposite Peter […]

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