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Articles Tagged 'Chris Pine'

BBC America’s “Luther” Screening – Red Carpet

WATCH: Idris Elba Gives Details on ‘Star Trek Beyond’ Character

Idris Elba has been dropping hints about his Star Trek Beyond character here and there. And now we’re getting a look at him in action as the villainous Krall in a recently released clip. Elba sets up the featurette, saying, “Krall is very complex. When you meet him, you think, ‘Op, he’s a bad guy.’” The […]


WATCH: New ‘Star Trek Beyond’ Trailer with New Rihanna Song

It looks like we’re getting a two-for-one deal with the new Star Trek Beyond trailer. We not only get to see footage for the forthcoming film, hitting theaters July 22, 2016, but we also get a listen to Rihanna‘s new single “Sledgehammer.” The first trailer was released earlier this year, where we saw a lot of explosives […]


WATCH: ‘Star Trek Beyond’ Trailer

While the world focuses its attention on that other Star franchise, Paramount has not-so-quietly dropped the trailer for the next installment in the rebooted Star Trek film series. In this sneak peek set to The Beastie Boys‘ “Sabotage” (naturally), we see a lot of things blown to smithereens, and the crew stranded. (What do you […]

Emily Blunt and James Corden in ‘Into The Woods’

WATCH: Corden and Blunt in All-Singing ‘Into The Woods’ Trailer

The all-singing, all-dancing trailer for Disney’s live-action fairytale epic Into The Woods is finally here, and offers the chance to see, among other things, Meryl Streep singing Stephen Sondheim’s score, and James Corden and Emily Blunt bickering madly as the Baker and the Baker’s Wife, respectively: There’s also a creepy cameo from Johnny Deep as […]

Benedict Cumberbatch takes a shower

WATCH: Did Anyone Miss Benedict Cumberbatch’s Shower Scene?

Let’s cut to the chase, because we’re all busy people, we all have hectic lives to lead and those lives should really only be interrupted by matters of extreme importance: matters that take us away from the trivial concerns of our everyday lives, matters that affect us on a deep level, that provide help where […]

Benedict Cumberbatch

WATCH: Now Benedict’s Doing Trailers For Graham Norton

What is it with Benedict Cumberbatch and trailers? The man is a buzzing hive of ‘coming soon’ generative activity, leaving a trail of darkly voiced teasers for his various projects trailing all the way back to, well, his trailer. Having spotted this trend, this week’s Graham Norton Show attempted to get him to turn their […]

John Harrison

WATCH: ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ John Harrison

Have you overdosed on the Star Trek Into Darkness trailers just yet? Well, we can’t get enough of Benedict Cumberbatch. In the latest trailer Cumberbatch narrates the teaser that revolves around Captain Kirk (Chris Pine) who he refers to as “the heart of the enterprise” and the “overly confident leader filled by bravado.” Harrison predicts […]

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