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Articles Tagged 'Children's TV'

Danger Mouse and Penfold

Crikey! Danger Mouse Returns!

Paddington, Postman Pat, Bananaman, The Wombles, Thunderbirds, The Clangers… it seems there are very few characters from the first full flush of British children’s TV that ever get fully put away in a drawer and forgotten about. And in the case of the anarchic spy cartoon Danger Mouse, even the death of one of the […]

Paddington Bear stamp

Classic British TV Children’s Characters Get Their Own Stamps

Last year it was Doctor Who, this year the Royal Mail has chosen to honor twelve classic British stars of children’s TV on a set of stamps. It’s a mixture designed to create the same hot flush of nostalgia in children of all ages, whether thrilling to the adventures of Mr Benn,  watching Windy Miller wander […]

The Clangers

Now The Clangers Are Making A Comeback

There are times when it seems like all of our childhoods will come back to visit us over and over again, until they belong first to our children, then to their children, with minor alterations each time, until they are virtually unrecognisable in their original form. If you don’t believe me, take a look at […]