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Rupert Murdoch Calls British Hacking Victims ‘Scumbag Celebrities’

Who needs News of the World when you have Twitter? Perhaps that’s the way Rupert Murdoch looks at things, since the hacking scandal forced his company News International to close the British tabloid last year. Twitter apparently gives the world’s most famous yellow journalist the thrill of writing what are, in essence, provocative 140-character headlines, […]

News Roundup: Robert Pattinson Gives A Tramp The Gift Of Music

Guitar shops are magical places. There are all of these beautiful, shiny instruments on the walls, and they’re all slightly different – Gretsches, Gibsons, Rickenbackers, Fenders – so any self-respecting string-twiddler will find themself entertaining the possibility of owning at least MOST of them, just to have a fully-rounded collection. Sadly, very few of us […]

Charlotte Church Leaves Her Own Record Label

Charlotte Church is currently looking for a new record deal, after parting company with Power Amp Music — the label that put out her last album Back To Scratch only six months ago. That album, a more folky, introspective collection than either her previous pop-soul collection Tissues and Issues or the classical recordings on which […]

Report: Charlotte Church ‘Almost Killed By Carbon Monoxide Leak’

Oh my: Charlotte Church and her two children, Ruby and Dexter, have apparently had a close call with a “faulty boiler” in their new $2 million mansion, The Daily Mail reports. The Welsh opera star had been complaining of headaches for weeks, the British tabloid says. Thank goodness for her quick-thinking grandfather, who advised Charlotte […]

Top 5 British Celebrity Breakups of 2010

Do you have your tissues handy? Some of our favorite UK personalities weren’t so lucky in love in 2010, unfortunately. Anglophenia takes a look back at some of the year’s most memorable breakups. Sniff. – MacKenzie Wilson 5. Ashley Cole and Cheryl Cole We need not drag everyone back through the seedy tales of Ashley […]

Roundup: MTV Preps for ‘Inbetweeners’ Pilot

Yes! It looks like the characters of Will, Simon, Jay, and Neil will be coming stateside for an MTV remake of the BAFTA-award winning comedy, The Inbetweeners. Brad Copeland of Arrested Development and My Name Is Earl fame is said to be leading the project as executive producer and writer. Oh this is wonderful! No […]

Meet Duffy’s Hunky Rugby-Playing Suitor

According to The Sun, singer Duffy (a.k.a. Ms. “A Man in Every City”) is dating Mike Phillips (see right), a 27-year-old Welsh rugby star. A source tells the tabloid that Mr. Phillips has designs on being Gavin Henson to Duffy’s Charlotte Church: “As soon as Duffy agreed to a date he dumped his poor girlfriend […]

Charlotte Church: My Kid Has No Kaiser Connection

No, Charlotte Church didn’t name her child Ruby because of this song. Although it would have been cool if she had. That’s one fine tune. Madonna is planning a tour to celebrate the big 5-0 next year?(Mirror) George Michael will lampoon his past on an Extras Christmas special. “The troubled singer will be seen cruising […]

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