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Articles Tagged 'Charity'

Fancy Dress, Airport

WATCH: British Woman Vows to Wear a Costume Every Day for a Year

It’s every young child’s dream: to play dress up every single day of the year, whether it be a super hero, a gorilla, or even an onion. Of course, you might get some funny looks when you’re not a child and sitting down with a client for a business meeting, as experienced by Eva Hazleton, […]

Royal Roundup: No Wedding Gifts, Please – Give to Charity Instead

Prince William and Kate Middleton have long maintained that people should donate to charity instead of giving wedding gifts. Yesterday (March 15), they announced a fund that will collect donations to 26 charities, The Guardian reports. “Many of the charities are little known, without existing royal patronage, and undertake excellent work within specific communities,” reads a […]