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Articles Tagged 'Channel 4'

Couple in Bed

Channel 4 Examines ‘Pillow Talk’ in ‘Sex Box’ TV Program

As part of its Campaign for Real Sex season, Channel 4 will be airing a one-hour television program, called Sex Box, to air at 10pm, after the watershed, on October 7, reports BBC News. The show’s title gives a literal explanation of what to expect, a couple will enter an opaque, soundproof box where they […]

The Estate

What Are Brits Watching: ‘Skint’

Channel 4’s Skint examines the broke life. What’s on: Skint What is it: This four-part observational documentary series tells the stories of individuals and families who are surviving without working due to long-term unemployment or have never worked at all. Some of the younger people featured don’t even expect to get a job when they grow […]

Katherine Jenkins Apologizes For Beauty Mixup On Twitter

Say what you like about Twitter, but it does at least allow people in the public eye to put right things which have gone wrong, especially hurtful misunderstandings which are largely due to media misrepresentation in the first place. So when the singer (and Doctor Who star) Katherine Jenkins heard that she had been criticized […]

Big Brother Contestant Sent Home for Using ‘N’ Word

After cynically using the race row to attract attention to the stale Celebrity Big Brother franchise, British broadcaster Channel 4 were caught off-guard by the outrage directed at them. That’s why the new season of the reality series is being touted as “sexy and fun,” not “controversial.” Covering their asses, they’ve instituted a no-tolerance policy […]

UK TV Network Slapped Down for ‘Racist’ TV Show

Ofcom, the British media watchdog, has implicatedUK broadcaster Channel 4 in the Celebrity BigBrother racismcontroversy involving Shilpa Shetty and herabuse at the hands of Jade Goody, DanielleLloyd, and Jo O’Meara. The network wasaccused of “serious editorial misjudgment,” reports The Sun, and will have to makethree on-air apologies to viewers. Also, followingtoday’s findings, Channel 4 “released […]