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Articles Tagged 'Cannes'

Cannes: Jeremy Irons Talks ‘Trash’ at the Festival

Jeremy Irons has been in Cannes this week promoting Trashed — an ecological documentary warning of the hazards resulting from the irresponsible dumping of waste. The Oscar winning actor and star of the TV series The Borgias roams the world in Trashed in his mission to explore the problems posed by rubbish disposal. He says: […]

Cannes: Tim Roth Shows Softer Side in Father-Daughter Drama

At the Cannes Film Festival, Tim Roth, best known for his bad guy roles, can be seen playing against type as a tender-hearted father in the British film Broken. The film resonated in very personal terms for Roth, who was moved by the experience of working on a picture which depicted an incredibly close and […]

Playing Mother to a Teenage Killer, Tilda Swinton Sets Cannes Abuzz

The talk in Cannes is that Britain’s Tilda Swinton may walk away with a Best Actress trophy at the closing night ceremony. The actress stars in We Need to Talk About Kevin — a disturbing family drama set in America — directed by Scottish filmmaker Lynne Ramsay. Swinton plays a guilt-ridden mother whose life is […]

WATCH: Jamie Cullum Serenading Robert de Niro

Surprise parties are always a bit strange aren’t they? They are, of course, a most delightful thing in the main; you’re expecting events to unfold in a certain way and then all of a sudden it becomes apparent that plans have been made behind your back, plans that you can only publicly approve of, because […]

Hex’s Michael Fassbender Sacrifices His Body For Oscar-Bait Role

Look what happened to the hotness that was Michael Fassbender a.k.a. Azazeal from Hex: he shed over 40 pounds to play prisoner Bobby Sands in the film Hunger, which is being screened at Cannes. Sands underwent a 66-day hunger strike as a protest to have fellow imprisoned IRA members declared “political prisoners.” As a result, […]