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The Cadbury Debate: What Will Become of Our British Sweets?

My desk here at the BBC America office is decked out with Cadbury Roses, Cadbury Flake Bars, and a Cadbury chocolate bar simply called “Dairy Milk,” but days like this could be numbered. Hershey’s has a licensing agreement to manufacture Cadbury in the U.S., and they aren’t keen on the British version being sold stateside. They’ve asked U.S. […]

Cadbury Vending Machine, Life Size

Cadbury Vending Machine Uses Facebook Details to Select Chocolates

Cadbury seems to be onto something, mashing up two obsessions, Facebook and chocolate. The beloved British chocolate maker, founded in Birmingham in 1824, has taken its show on the road to Australia to test out a newfangled vending machine that determines users’ tastes by their Facebook likes and interests, reports MSN U.K. This isn’t like […]