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Be All and End All

Close, But No Cigar: British vs. American Idioms

British English and American English have a number of phrases that mean the same thing and are so similar in wording, after a few years as an expat, you forget which one’s which. While these phrases don’t usually cause much confusion, it’s interesting to note the differences. For example, where Brits will say “peaks and […]

ring around the rosie

Close, But No Cigar: British vs. American Nursery Rhymes and Childhood Games

If you’re a British parent in the U.S., you’ll find it’s a veritable minefield out there. While most of us know the vocabulary differences – stroller/pushchair, diaper/nappy, etc., we’re still caught off guard at the most unexpected moments. For example, before you attend a sing-along, you should know that “Half a Pound of Tuppeny Rice” […]