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British Expat Parenting: The Trial of Having American Kids

Like many Brits in the U.S., I have children who, while being dual citizens and very comfortable in the U.K., are essentially American. (My use of “trial” above is a bit tongue-in-cheek.) With that comes the eye-rolling, giggling and general mickey-taking about some of my British habits and sayings, showing a complete disregard for the […]

Dick Van Dyke

5 Strange Things That Happen to Brits in America

You know you’re going to stand out a little as a Brit in the U.S., what with the funny accent and the strange culinary tastes, but sometimes it’s difficult to anticipate what else might happen…. 1. Being imitated by complete strangers It’s one thing for friends and co-workers to morph into Dick van Dyke whenever […]


American Toilets: An Information Dump for Brits

These days, when a Brit in the U.S. says “loo” no one bats an eyelid although Americans might not be so au fait with bog, khazi or lavvy. Brits are familiar with Americanisms like can and john, although the charmingly named comfort station might cause a wry smile. It’s not just the names that are […]

Mail Box

House Rules: Things You Can’t Do in the U.S.

A lot of Brits are surprised at the amount of rules that govern just living in a house in the U.S. I’m not just talking about restrictions on loud parties till the wee hours either. Would you believe that in many locales, you’re not allowed to hang your washing on the line? (Brits everywhere are […]


10 Things That Brits Don’t Realize Are Offensive to Americans

Admit it Britishers — subtly is not our strong suit, and it’s alarmingly easy to insult Americans if you’re unaware of their etiquette.  To get on in polite company, try to avoid the following faux pas. Swearing Folks here tend to dismiss cursing as coarse and vulgar whereas, for Brits, it can signify affection or […]

Chistmas Lights 460×300

Celebrating the Holidays in America: Things to Know

Christmas and the surrounding celebrations come with their own set of rules in the U.S. So if you want to party like a local this December, read on.  1. What “The Holidays” really means The term encompasses not only Christmas, but the abundance of festivals that take place at the end of one year and […]