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Articles Tagged 'Britons'

Group Shot, Red Pants

Brits Have Strong Feelings About Men in Red Trousers

Just the other day, we observed an English gent wearing red trousers (RTs) and thought, “Are those Nantucket Reds or is he just in the mood to wear red trousers?” It didn’t incite rage or have us thinking, “Why does he think he’s better than everyone else?” But, admittedly, we did think about it. It […]

Rain and Flooding

10 British Issues That Concern Me From Afar

Expats don’t stop worrying about the homeland the moment we board a U.S.-bound plane. We’re anxious for everyone we’ve left behind. And, frankly, much of the stuff that goes on in the U.K. still affects us. The financial crisis At the moment, the U.K.’s economic forecast is pretty doom-steeped. As some experts predicted, the U.K. […]