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6 U.K. Television Quirks Only Brits Will Know

There are certain things about British television only Brits can appreciate… Carole Hersee & Bubbles the Clown This image, without doubt, is the most bone-chillingly scary thing ever to be broadcast by the BBC. A young girl, who looks like something out of The Shining, is playing noughts and crosses with her limbless clown. It’s terrifying beyond […]

Cucumber Sandwiches

New For 2013: ‘British Man Vs. Food’

Shh! Don’t tell anyone you saw this, right, but we found a transmission script from what is clearly going to be the TV milestone of  the next 12 months: an all-British version of the scoff-tastic U.S. TV hit Man Vs. Food, presented by a dapper gent in a pinstripe suit called Arthur Richerman. Details are […]