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Articles Tagged 'British Traditions'

A Maypole, for May Day (Photo: Bradcalkins/Fotolia/AP Images)

What is a Bank Holiday?

As a momentary respite from all that parading and shopping over the Labor Day weekend, let’s take a look at public holidays in the British Isles. Specifically, the tradition the British have of calling their public holidays a bank holiday, as if only people who work in banks can take the time off. Actually, the […]

The Union Flag

5 Things That Happened Because it is Commonwealth Day

First of all, Happy Commonwealth Day! Are you wearing your special Commonwealth Day hats? And your shiny Commonwealth Day buckled shoes and gaiters? How about the crown of cheese? Did you get yours from the shops or make it the proper way? I know, it’s tough to fit everything in what with the scone buttons, […]

MP’s And Lords Line-up For The Annual Parliamentary Pancake Race (Pic: Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

Shrove Tuesday: Football, Racing and Lots of Pancakes

Today is Shrove Tuesday, the last day before Lent (which is what Christians did before Stoptober became a thing), or as it’s better known in Britain: Pancake Day. And as it’s an ancient tradition that stretches back at least a thousand years, the event has picked up a few little quirks and idiosyncrasies along the […]

A hedgehog

Never Mind the Groundhogs: Happy Hedgehog Day!

Groundhogs are far from the first beasts to have their hibernation schedules put to use by people who predict the weather. In fact, their role in divining how much winter there is left is a relatively recent development. As far as most people in Europe are concerned, the term Groundhog Day is merely a reference […]