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The flag of St. Piran

The Cornish Become An Official Minority

Myttin da!* It’s not often we get to report a change in the sociological and political makeup of the United Kingdom, although with Scotland undergoing a public referendum to see if they will become an independent nation, who can say what the future will hold? The people of Cornwall—situated right down at the bottom left […]

The Daily Politics

WATCH: How To Stop An Argument With Queen And Technology

Political journalism is a terribly serious business. There is no scope, in the middle of an angry row about, say, Prime Minister’s Question Time, for any form of levity, in case it looks as though you are mocking the very strongly-held and passionate feelings that your interviewee either genuinely has or is pretending to have […]

Watch: Nick Clegg, The British Politician Going For A Song

Other people’s politics are often hard to understand from a distance, especially when you’re dealing with ingrained attitudes towards political parties, their emblems and colors, and the people who lead them. So this tale might take a little explaining, bear with me. During the British general election of 2010, the Liberal Democrats, as part of […]

Is UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown on His Last Legs?

Elections have been held in the UK, and the Labour Party didn’t do so hot. Basically, they were routed. And it’s looking like Gordon Brown‘s days could be numbered.(Guardian) The Daily Telegraph makes Gordon Brown sound almost Nixonian. “Stalinistic” even. With a touch of Naomi Campbell thrown in: “Charges of paranoia, insensitivity to others, and […]

Can Britain Elect Its Own Barack Obama?

One week ago, the U.S. reached a milestone of electing a black president; could Britain match this achievement and elect a black Prime Minister? Opinions vary. Trevor Phillips, head of Britain’s Equality and Human Rights Commission, told The Times: “If Barack Obama had lived here I would be very surprised if even somebody as brilliant […]

Toodle-Loo, Tony: Blair Hands It Over to Brown

Tony Blair exits stage left, and the Gordon Brown era has begun. The Guardian and BBC both have the extensive coverage you’d expect for such an historic handover. Blair did not kiss the Queen’s hand upon asking for his removal from office. I’m simply scandalized…are you?(The Times) Video: Cherie Blair‘s parting shot to the media: […]

Tony Blair: Don’t Let the Door Hit Ya…

So, Tony Blair‘s stepping down on June 27th, ushering in a whole new era in British politics. You might think today would be a moment of reverence and thoughtful reflection, but mostly, British papers are focusing on what a sh*t he was and how they can’t wait to see the back-end of him getting smaller […]

Tony Blair Blames It On the Blacks?

Some might claim that “foot-in-mouth” disease – now renamed Don Imus Syndrome – is the new avian flu, so contagious that it leaps continents: yesterday, Prime Minister Tony Blair outraged black leaders in the UK when he blamed “a section of the black community” for rising violence in London. His comments are either tremendously brave […]

A Little Brit of Politics: MP Fired For Racism. Plus: Diana Inquest

This guy makes Joe Biden look like the Mahatma: Patrick Mercer, a British homeland security minister, said racist slurs like “black bastard” should be expected in the Army, and added that while he was a colonel, “I came across a lot of ethnic minority soldiers who were idle and useless, but who used racism as […]

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