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Articles Tagged 'British names'

Why Do Some Brits Have Multiple Middle Names?

Having a middle name is often a way of paying a tiny tribute to a beloved relative or maintaining a family tradition that will keep grandparents happy. If there are two (or more) middle names, these traditional names can be incorporated with greater ease, and when it comes to family traditions, the Brits are past masters […]

Hugh Bonneville

Are Famous British Surnames on the Verge of Extinction?

There’s a fascinating history of declining British surnames on the website, in which they explain some of the reasons why previously common family names wither on the vine and can even die. One of the most dramatic reasons, of course, is the advent of a war, and the First World War in particular was […]

Hermione Granger

10 British Girls’ Names That Struggled to Cross the Pond

Last week we compiled a list of boys’ names that have never really taken off in America to a significant degree, and now it is time to do likewise for the girls. One thing of note is that there’s less of the same dependable dreariness to the girls’ names than there is to some of […]

Clive Owen

10 British Boys’ Names That Struggled To Cross the Pond

Clive Owen is a lucky man. Not only is today his 50th birthday, but he’s been given the gift of double first names, like Elton John, Ben Elton, and Daniel Craig. He is also blessed with a first name that has never really caught on in America. The record company mangnate Clive Davis may disagree, […]

Princess pacifier

10 Extremely British Baby Names for Girls

Not that we’re trying to influence world events or anything, but should anyone extremely British be on the lookout for suitable names for a female baby any time soon – can’t think of any examples off the top of my head, but you never know – here are some suggestions that may help. What they […]