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Articles Tagged 'British Isles'


WATCH: Do Americans Know British Geography?

First, let us start with a note: There’s no more reason for Americans to know British geography than there is for Brits to know the names of the 50 American states and all of their capitals. But Buzzfeed put their up-for-anything human guinea pigs to the test. Each American was asked to label the parts […]

A thatched cottage

10 Things About a British Home That Will Confuse Americans

Wherever you may go around the world, it’s easy to conclude that if a home has four walls and a ceiling, everything else must be broadly the same. Well, even if that were true (and it’s not) there are still tiny differences between a house on the other side of the world and the house […]

Dripping tap

WATCH: Why Do the British Have Separate Hot and Cold Taps?

When you grow up expecting things to be a certain way and find out they are not a universal constant, it can be quite bewildering, and when that bewilderment is applied to plumbing, things often get unpleasant. To travel in a land where, for example, toilet paper cannot be flushed, when one is used to […]


10 British Things About Houston, TX

With Houston, TX being the fourth largest city in the U.S. there’s a nice mix of people and lots to do. Let’s take a peek at Houston’s British offerings: 1. Scottish Stained Glass Scottish Stained Glass offers a wide range of designs including but not limited to Celtic knotwork; traditional pieces inspired by the famed […]